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We're a studio based in Fukuoka that specializes in creating beautiful and simple brands for businesses that customers remember.

The Island of Lost Souls

Sun Jul 23

A group of travelers finds themselves stranded on an island inhabited by mysterious creatures and haunted by the ghosts of its past inhabitants.

Written by: Isabella Garcia


This theme comes with the @astrojs/mdx integration installed and configured in your astro.config.mjs config file. If you prefer not to use MDX, you can disable support by removing the integration from your config file.

Why MDX?

MDX is a special flavor of Markdown that supports embedded JavaScript & JSX syntax. This unlocks the ability to mix JavaScript and UI Components into your Markdown content for things like interactive charts or alerts. If you have existing content authored in MDX, this integration will hopefully make migrating to Astro a breeze.


Here is how you import and use a UI component inside of MDX. When you open this page in the browser, you should see the clickable button below.